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indow, and he r●ealized that she had probably heard noth▓ing of what he had been sayin▓g.Lawrence was swinging up Hemlock Avenue at a ●pac

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e that devoured the distance. I--e▓r--really, I must go, murmured Lyon●, reaching for his hat. THE ●END. PREFACE In this volume is

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present●ed to American readers an unbiased descript▓ion of the real state of affairs in R▓ussia to-day.The sketches here brought t▓ogether

  • Step 1: Heading Here

    y Mr.Hugo Ganz, the well-k●nown writer of Vienna, who was furnished with ▓the best of introductions to ▓the various circles of Russian society, and ha●d thus exceptional opportunities to acquire ●reliable information. Were no●t the reputation of the author and

  • the standard ●of his

  • Step 2: Heading Here

    informants alike absolu●tely above suspicion, it would seem i▓ncredible that such conditions as th▓ose depicted could exist in the twentieth ▓century in a country claiming a plac●e among civilized nations.Indeed, whe●reas Japan has incontestably proved that she is

  • ▓ emerging from the d

  • Step 3: Heading Here

    arkness of centuries, Russ●ia is content to remain in a state of semi-barb▓arism which might be looked for in the▓ Middle Ages. Since the sketches were wr▓itten, the birth of an heir to the imperial thro●ne and the assassination of Von Plehve have a▓ltered Russ

  • ian conditions to a[Pg

  • Step 4: Heading Here

    vi] cer●tain extent.But though the appo▓intment of Svyatopolk-Mirski▓ seems at first sight to afford groun▓d for congratulation, it is evident tha▓t even with the best intentions the new min▓ister of the interior will hardly b▓e able to effect much amelioration

  • until the▓ entire sys

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tem of the Russian governme●nt is c

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ticles in the foll

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ha▓ve appeared in the B

erlin Nati●on and in the Frankfort Zeitung, and have rec▓eived very favorable notice in the Germ▓an press.I

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